Fast Fashion Girls, Do They Really Have Their Own Style?

In the name of being cheap and trendy, fast fashion was or is occupying our closets. They are cheap, so there are a lot of chances for trial experience. We can try and figure out our own style without too much effort.

So I was asking myself, why after buying so much fast fashion, tried so many times, but still can not find my own styles?

That is because we have been pursuing the “good-looking” trend built by others and consuming the ever-changing trend, which can be the same style of Kendall today and Gigi tomorrow, rather than the stable style accumulated after long thinking.

Fashion stylist Tan talked about the difference between TREND and STYLE on the TV show Queer Eye. He believes that personal style is more important than a trend:

“Style is not fashion. Fashion is not trendy after a season. I couldn’t give a sh*t about fashion. Style is dressing the way that you feel confident and what is appropriate for you, your age, body type.”


When I looked at my closet, most of them are out of date, washed out, or even broken down, and although the single price is not expensive, it is not a small expense in terms of quantity. On the other hand, the rags have no second-hand value and are not environmentally friendly.

In the end, I didn’t find a few clothes that I truly loved. The slogan of fast fashion was “Dress decently without breaking the bank”. In retrospect, it was ironic. I was brainwashed by fast fashion. I was like the poor frog in the warm water. I spent much money and left nothing behind. As I was doing some visual merchandising work, I hope you can see consumerism clearly and treat it rationally. Like me, who is already familiar with the rules of fast fashion, it is hard to be a crazy fast fashion girl.

It’s true that fast fashion is a shortcut to follow trends, but the shortcuts you think you’re going to take often turn out to be detoured. It’s hard to convince people to give up fast fashion, and to be fair, I’m still not 100 percent free of it, and sometimes I can’t resist buying items that I can’t stand in two days. Still, I would urge you to reflect on the clothes you can’t dispose of in the corner — the money spent on cheap and fashionable goods is mostly just a “tuition” to make you understand the importance of personal style.


Finally, I hope the suggestions I put forward today can enlighten you. I also wish all my friends can early pass the fast fashion brainwashing game, “Loser Money”, and try to be sensible before the price temptation and spend your hard-earned money on things that are really worth it and that you really need.

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Simple & Little Things Make My Home Special

I believe flower has a special magic. When I was down, I would like to buy a bundle of flowers. My mood would turn bright when I saw them. This article is not about flowers, but the vases which carry the flowers. I believe the unique flower holders would give home special scenery. When I searched for the vases for my flowers, I found several interesting and unique forms of the vases and would love to recommend these for you.

Anissa Kermiche




I fall in love with this pot when I first saw it! So feminine, artistic, and sexy!

Anissa Kermiche’s vase has a bold female shape. Each piece has a whimsical look, so it is perfect for a colorful bunch of flowers to inspire a sense of strength. One of the most famous vases is LOVE HANDLES. This kind of vases has a strong sense of existence because of the big size, which would be good to put in the living room.


Open Object


The Open Object vase has the beauty of Oriental modernism, very and its color is composed of calm black, and white.

The breed of Chinese style tie-in when arranging a flower. You can choose the green plant of lily, linear for instance. The whole fit in the cold tone of interior decoration.


Lindsey Hampton


This brand is from Canada. Lindsey Hampton‘s vase will use more color. We can choose several colorful flowers to match the color of the vase. The vase is suitable for small and fresh decoration.


Valeria Basi



This is one of my favorite brands! These campaign can directly be my mobile-phone wallpaper. Valeria Basi has a strong sense of design, with geometric patterns as the design source. Each vase can be a piece of art. But, they can only fit in the single linear flower. This would achieve the perfect confluence with the line of the vase.


Are you start to search for these brands and consider the buy? Do you have some vase brands recommendation? Here are my thoughts about the home during COVID-19, please check it out. Do not forget to like this post!


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