these days we learned about scratch,  a software to make video games.

it is amazing ,i can’t believe i am making the games what i played when i was a little girl.

We made our own idea game first , i just use what i learned.

And then we go to the primary school, get the idea from grade 3 students . Their thoughts are imaging ,different from ours.

It is also become a challenge to me ,because i need to learn how to use every bottom in the scratch.

I made a game for child first , and i had some trouble and i can’t fix it.

I tried to ask people online or outline ,but it sill has some trouble with my English.

And i tried anther way , a bit far away from what child asked for. But i finish the game, and when I showed it to the child,she was satisfied with this game.

Not what she hopes ,but she said she likes it.

I made my game ,a maze,can dress the characters ,the walls can move around , touch what color can keep going,what can’t.

I learned a lot.




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